Propel 100

Propel 100 Kids RideOUT

Join us on Sunday, June 30, 2019, for the Propel 100 Kids RideOut at the Kennedy Center in Willingboro, NJ.  #BikeLife as it’s called on social media are usually held in major cities in the United States with its popularity spreading around the world.  SE Bikes is the new style BMX.  Bigger, wider and blinged out from front to rear.  

What is a RideOut?

A RideOut is a location where the BikeLifer’s gather to ride.  After starting with tricks and stunts in a parking lot, they then take their show on the road.  An organized ride through the streets in a city where thousands of onlookers are amazed to see such a positive gathering of young people.   

The Propel 100 Kids Rideout is an effort to allow the kids in the local community a chance to experience this right in their very own neighborhood.  Willingboro Police, Fire and EMS will be escorting the kids on a designated course around Willingboro Township with members of GSN Cycling riding alongside them.  Burlington County Bikes will be giving away prizes at stops along the way with the Grand Prize being a brand new SE BIKE.   Along the route, we will stop at Rita's Italian Ice in Willingboro where the BikeLifer’s can get refreshments and treats.

It’s a great thing to see the youth riding bikes again, and it’s our goal with this event to create an environment where they can do it safely on the road.  

Free Registration

Riders under 17 years of age, must to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle in the state of NJ.   

Parents/Guardians are required to sign a participation waiver for their child while registering for this event.